Адрес администрации города: 393190, Котовск, ул.Свободы, д.8. Телефон приемной: +7(47541) 438-40,  post@g41.tambov.gov.ru

Kotovsk is a city of regional subordination; it is situated in the Central part of the Oka-Don Lowland, on the right Bank of the Tsna River, 16 kilometers from Tambov, in the area of the Central Black Earth region.

Basic information about Kotovsk:

Foundation date - 1940

Status - Urban Okrug

Land area - 2524 hectares

Population - 31,1 thousand

Main water artery - the Tsna

International calling code - +7(47541)

Postal Code: 393190

Distance from Moscow: 500 km

Kotovsk uses an external road network, which provides road centre of the Tambov region, municipal districts and nearby regions. hard surface roads is 41 km, but there is no Federal highways. It Moscow-Volgograd-Caspian Sea federal highway, 12 km from federal highway.

Kotovsk is actively developing. The Kotovsk City Council of People's Deputies adopted the Program of socio-economic development of the city for 2013-2020 (decision No. 814 dated 31.07.2014). The Program took its shape as the result of the analysis of the socio-economic situation in the city, the priorities of socio-economic development of the Tambov region and the existing legislation requirements. The city administration adopted and implemented several long-term programs to ensure the growth and welfare of the residents, and the development of small and medium-sized businesses.

The leading role in the city's economy belongs to manufacturing industries. Kotovsk nowadays is a steadily growing industrial city. Seven large and mediumsized enterprises represent various sectors of industrial production: chemical, food and light industries, china and earthenware industries, engineering, building materials industries.

Long-term investment programs aimed at technical re-equipment and modernization of production are underway at a number of enterprises. Historically, Kotovsk always welcomed mutually beneficial business cooperation. The output of its commodity producers is used within the region and exported to foreign countries including the states of the former Soviet Union. Nitrocellulose and pyroxylin gunpowder for all types of firearms, melee weapons, artillery systems of
different calibers in service with the army, Navy and Air Forces, paintwork materials, spunbond, facing materials, ceramic products, musical toys (roly-polies) such are the goods Kotovsk is known for around the world.

The investment policy of the city administration is aimed at the investment process participants cooperation, the creation of an efficient investment infrastructure and consolidation of investment resources. The main objective of investment policy is attracting investments to ensure sustainable economic growth, effective employment of the population, solving social issues, small business development and the city's infrastructure problems, strengthening the tax base.

The basic requirements of the city administration policy for increasing the investment attractiveness are:

  • compliance of the main investment priorities with the interests of the population;
  • compliance of the investment area activities with a long-term general vision of city development, in particular, of the diversification of its economic structure, the development of the production sphere of processing industries, and of small and medium-sized businesses;
  • focus on active marketing promotion of the city as a place conducive for investment both in domestic and foreign markets.

Together with the investment projects in the social sphere (health, education, housing) other sectors of urban economy are prioritized. They are:

  • municipal economy
  • industry
  • consumer service
  • infrastructure development etc.

One of the main social priorities is housing construction, providing housing for young families and social housing for citizens in need.

The volume of private investments and those of the Kotovsk city administration for building affordable and comfortable housing reflects the ever- increasing need of dwelling for the citizens. The rate of housing construction is increasing.

The Kotovsk City Council of People's Deputies adopted the General plan providing the increase of the city territory by using a new land area of 137,6 hectares (No. 885 dated 25.12.2014).

The city administration adopted the project of constructing a new microdistrict "New Kotovsk" (No. 2280 dated 18.11.2014). There will be 359 private households in the microdistrict under development, with the total residential area being 42.4 thousand square meters.

The investment climate in Kotovsk is provided by an aggregate of normative legal acts operating on the territory of the city, in the spheres of:

  • land tenure, town-planning and location of production;
  • regulation of lease relations and payment rates;
  • municipal property management and privatization process;
  • regulation of the conditions of the population employment.

A Standard of local governments activity to ensure a favorable investment climate in the municipality is put into practice. It is aimed at increasing the efficiency of local government actions to attract investment and creating favourable conditions for investment activity at a municipal level.

Kotovsk has a number of competitive advantages that could have an impact on improving the dynamics of economic development and its investment attractiveness. They are:

  • favorable geographic location;
  • reach natural resources and mild climatic conditions of central Russia;
  • well-developed processing complex^
  • availability of skilled labor;
  • developed structure of modern means of communication;
  • developed communal infrastructure;
  • a wide range of investment platforms providing a full set of the necessary infrastructure (gas, water, electricity, roads, etc.);
  • developed system of retail trade and personal services;
  • developed system of financial-credit organizations;
  • relatively cheap housing;
  • cheap energy resources;
  • favourable economic, social and political environment.

The city administration is interested in attracting investments, both in production and in nonproduction spheres and is ready to consider mutually beneficial investment proposals. We are ready to provide professional support to the project and guarantee optimum conditions for successful undertaking: quick solutions of issues, transparent processes and open dialogues. The city administration is interested in efficiency, stability and safety of your business, in the development of the territory, and in the improvement of quality of life of the population.

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